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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  April 9, 2017 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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at least two dozen people are dead after somebody detonated bombs at two cairo churches. car on the tracks. a bizarre scene at septa's fern rock transportation center when a driver took out a flight of steps and drove right on to the rails. the sound of spring and summer is about to be silent. one new jersey town is banning certain types of landscaping equipment. good sunday morning to you, and welcome to nbc10 news today. i am george spencer. it's 10:00 a.m. getting ready for a second half
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to the weekend. let's get a check on your sunday forecast. >> this is a good forecast. yesterday was not bad, we hit 60 degrees in philly. it was breezy throughout the day and a chill because of that, but not going to be a problem today. running ten degrees warmer than yesterday already. 13 degrees warmer right now than this time yesterday in coatesville. here are the actual temperatures. almost in the 60s, wilmington, dover, and vineland, all at 57. 55 in philly and trenton. going to make our way to the mid and upper 60s by later today. here's the first alert radar view. there's no rain to talk about or clouds to talk about. today it's all about the sunshine. that's going boosting those up very quickly. by 1:00 in the afternoon, 61 degrees, and mid-60s by 4:00
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p.m. notice the wind, they stay on the light side today. a perfect day to be outdoors. coming up in a few minutes, let's talk about a few events going on across the area and what you can expect. >> we are tracking new developments and breaking news overseas. we know it was a pair of bomb explosions at churches in egypt this palm sunday that killed at least 35 people and more than 100 others are hurt. that word coming from the country's health ministry. the first of the blasts happeneding palm sunday services near cairo, and then a second explosion followed in alexandria, egypt, and isis has claimed responsibility for those attacks. in the meantime at home, palm sunday services under way. the archdiocese will offer
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services in both english and spanish throughout the day. pope francis celebrated palm sunday mass at the vatican this morning. thousands of worshippers you see there packed into st. peters square, and palm sunday commemorates the arrival of jesus in jerusalem days before his crucifixion a. and then the jewish community, their holiday meal come 24 hours before the official start of passover which begins tomorrow evening at sundown. >> a driver lost control and ended up plow into a septa train station and on to the tracks. this was the scene as policed the car at the fern rock regional trail station at about
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4:30 this morning. known was hurt. the crash is not impacting regional rail travel and it's not clear if that driver will face any charges. we have been talking about the really great weather, and in center city thousands of people are taking advantage making the most of this sun-filled spring day by running and walking for a good cause. clean air. it's all part of the leadup to earth this week, and nbc10's matt delucia is live in center city keeping track on the crowds who are out and aboutmx0k getti their exercise on foot this morning. >> reporter: george, what a great day to get outside. you mentioned the sun is out, and it's warmer out than a few hours ago when the start of the race happened at 7:30. it was chilly and i had a heavier coat on and now i might take the jacket off because it's that nice today. the race is over but take a look
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at the start at about 7:30 this morning. that was the start of the 10k run and, they had a 5k and a fun run this morning here as well, and they have been running through the mlk drive, the run for clean air has been going on forlarñ 36 years, and their hop to raise money and attention to the issue. >> we have over 2,500 people out here for that cause. >> what i tell people, take a little step. turn your lights off if you are not in the room. walk a little bit further. take public transportation. if we all took a little step waoeut mait would make a huge difference. >> reporter: folks are just hanging around and enjoying the day.
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a lot of folks just getting their day started here in center city. now live, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thanks, matt. this morning a delaware neighborhood remains on edge as the search continues for a kidnapper and lawmakers are working to set up community meetings. police say a man abducted a 4-year-old girl on thursday and sexually assaulted her. that child was then found miles away in a park. officers are now patrolling the neighborhood around the clock. >> it's way too close to home. you see it and then it's -- you are down the street and it's even scarier. >> local lawmakers are planning discussion next week and the police are asking anybody with possible tips to give them a call. in camden two eastbound
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lanes remain close after a fire under a bridge yesterday morning. this morning when traffic was getting by using the reduced lanes. crews made sure the structure was still safe. it does appear the fire was accidental. medics took one person with burns to the hospital. spring and summer are about to sound quite different for one north jersey community. forget using leaf blowers and some of the other loud landscaping equipment. we will explain a new law that has those working outdoors upset. it is a new look at america's past. next we get a sneak peek inside philadelphia's museum of the american revolution. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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we start with a live look in south philadelphia overlooking citizens bank park. blue skies and plenty of sun. if you are going to the game today it's going to be a great day for baseball. 61 degrees in philly at 12:00, and 65 at 4:00 p.m., and as we go into the evening, still nice and 59 degrees. in the suburbs, 61 by lunchtime. and plenty of sun. a big difference fromwx of 66 in delaware, and a few spotshn0fin delaware may make io 70. for your lunchtime along the shore, already at 60 degrees. today looks great. the next couple of days warmer. we'll get to that in a few minutes.
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lots of us know that sound. this is happening in maple wood, the town council voted to ban commercial landscapers. officials said the idea is to
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cut down on noise and pollution. the new law does not apply to homeowners, but a trade group of landscapers says it plans to challenge the ban in court. >> and then thanks to spring-cleaning, volunteers armed with gloves rakes and bags started cleaning up the center yesterday. it was just one part of the tenth annual philly's spring clean up. that initiative looks to reduce litter across the city. more spring-cleaning was taking part in another park, north philadelphia. this girl scout troop was among the volunteers cleaning up broad street ahead of next month's blue cross broad street's run. and nbc10 and telemundo 62 will broadcast that race start to finish and you are invited to join us on sunday, may 7th.
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td bank in frankfurt will district trees from noon until 2:00. tension remains high days after the u.s. hit a syrian air base with missile pz that here at home, culture is caught in the cross fire. hear what local syrian refugees are saying about events happening in their homeland. also, this -- >> 12 runs, nine hits and standing ovation. >> it was really over before it began. coming up in sports, watch a record-breaking night for the phillies.
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let's talk temperatures out there beginning with your delaware neighborhood, you just saw that update, 60 degrees. 58 in harmony hills and glasgow at 55 degrees. we have seen a big jump in the mornings this morning started off at 5:30 on air. we're talking upper 60s and a few spots, 70s possible through delaware. and we're also 58 in lewis beach. and here's looking at your first alert radar and what we are dealing with, clear conditions across the map. 69 degrees in center city, and 67 in somerton. and even as we go to the lee high valley, mid to upper 60s are in the forecast.
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66 in allentown for the afternoon. and then cape may, 63. a little cooler along the jersey shore because as we have been talking about today winds will come in from the southwest, and if winds come from the east it keeps us cool and if it comes from the southwest it helps push in warmer air and along the shore it pushes the cooler ocean air onshore and moderates the temperatures quite a bit. and 65 for the high in smyrna. if you go to the phillies' game today, 61 degrees first pitch and sunny. winds stay light throughout. 64 degrees by midnight, and then the ninth inning, 65 degrees for your temperature, so overall a sunny and warm day. don't forget, yeah, you should definitely be staying hydrated out there and putting on the sun screen. it's that time of the year when you might forget that outdoors,
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and we are looking at sunlight today. i know i said this a few times, but you are not going to see any change. this through 8:00 p.m. sunshine and isolated clouds out there through monday, and tuesday some clouds mixing in but otherwise we stay dry until the overnight into early wednesday, with spotty showers possible. we will look at the 10-day on ten coming up in a few minutes. developing in international news this morning, pentagon officials say a navy strike group is now on its way to the western pacific ocean. that strike group headed to the korean peninsula, north korea and south korea after north korea test fired a medium-ranged bouallistic missile into the se
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of japan. and then the response to missile strikes in syria continues with words and actions. russian and syrian military jet took off from the air base that was attacked by u.s. cruise missiles. the move seems to end hope with a friendlier relationship between russian president, vladimir putin, and trump. russian officials insist there was no chemical attack in syria. with that crisis in syria escalating a. new exhibit at philadelphia's peninsula museum is giving the public a deeper look into syrian culture. randy gyllenhaal has our story. >> reporter: during a week where american missiles fell on a syrian air base -- >> that was still sad. i was still sad because it's my country. >> syrian refugees in philadelphia gathered at the peninsula museum for a new
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exhibit showcasing their beautiful culture amid the backdrop of violence and war. the 13-year-old there fled his town and countless kids like him face slaughter. 20 children died in the sarin gas attack. >> they are sitting at the camp, and they don't have food or anything. >> the penn museum working to reserve what history they can. >> we have seen images of isis smashing the heads. >> and it's important to know that this is not just a place of conflict, this is a place of incredibly rich history and a multicultural history. >> with new air strikes, concerned the conflict could escalate, even as the white house tries to ban them from the country. >> to see children suffocating,
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beautiful babies suffocating, and i believe another answer to help those kids is to open resettlements for syrians after it was banned just recently. >> randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. >> good morning. happy sunday to you. i am danny pommells from csn. and that the first inning against the nationals last night, they were facing guthrie who had not pitched in the majors since 2015, and boy, did the phillies treat him rudely. a base hit up the middle for joseph, and it's 5-0 now, and clears the path with a triple to the gap in right center. the blowout is on.
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8-0 rbl 8-0, phillies. and the phillies set a team record with 12 first-inning runs. >> it just kept going on and going and escalated and was really fun to be part of. everybody -- i mean, even noah was part of it too, which was pretty awesome. it was a lot of fun to see what we were able to do. >> it's one of those games where you love to be on our side. we are going to have some that will be on the other side, and that's no fun. >> the bucks came into last night's game on the losing streak. it was his 23rd birthday, and looking at him grabbing the rebound. dario, 14 points eight assists and eight rebounds. milwaukee took the lead for good
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midway through the third quarter. and then the steal and the stick here. bucks clinch a playoff spot. sixers 0-13 when scoring 93 points or less. >> just got to keep moving the ball. can't hold on to it. we just have to shoot it better, all of us. we can't make excuses that it's game 81 or 80, and we just got to keep shooting and, you know, they will fall. >> we turn to the ice where steve mason may have played his final games in a flyers' uniform. facing the blue jackets in the first period, a drop pass to pierre. helping out mason, and the wrist shot beats s shot. and then voracek wide open like
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a kid's mouth at the dentist. mason stopped 20 shots to win his 200th career game. >> it's a team stat, and the goaltending position is the one who has that on record, but potentially this being the last game of record for myself, it being my 200th win, that's pretty special. >> wayne simmonds won team mvp for the first time, and then ivan provorov, and pierre edouard belmar. sizing it up, and use your head, young man. union with a 1-0 leadoff the
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header goal. and then timbers, off the center of the box. and then timbers win 3-1, and union winless. that is your look at sports, i am danny pommells, scn.
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yesterday was one of the perfect saturdays, just a little chilly and today is going to be taking it up a notch better. >> so excited. i already have plans to be outside even though my allergies are killing me, i will admit it. if you are going to the phillies game today, perfect day to go and watch baseball, and 69 is the forecast high for today. plenty of sunshine. tomorrow will be breezy again, but up to 80 degrees. 82 on tuesday, and then morning showers on wednesday with a little drop off. i am excited for the 80s. your opinion? >> absolutely. especially after you were saying
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earlier, what we experienced back on friday which was a high 49 or something, right? >> exactly. >> below average to above average, i will take the warm weather. >> i am super excited. one of the producers said i don't know about 80s. what? i am excited about 80s. "meet the press" is next, and for krystal and all of us here at nbc10 news, have a great day and enjoy the weather. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach.
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this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit this sunday, that syrian chemical attack prompts outrage around the world and a uls military response. >> tonight i ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. >> this morning we have the story covered from all of the angles. u.s. ambassador nikki hailey. >> the united states took a very measured step last night and we're prepared to do more. >> senator lindsey graham. >> it was a wonderful signal to send that needs to be followed


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